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Good2BLocal is all about helping the little guy fight back against the bigger boys.

For too long now the large chains and supermarkets have been overpowering local retailers with their cut pricing and marketing muscle.

It’s bad news for local retailers and it’s bad news for local communities as the local high street loses its variety, individuality and vibrancy. In other words it loses its buzz!

At Good2BLocall our aim is to help the local retailers fight back, by giving them access to a marketing tool the like of which had previously only been available to the ‘big boy’ retailers. We will help the retailer reach their customers more effectively by giving them access to a brand new Smartphone loyalty scheme, a discount and voucher scheme, email and newspaper advertising, plus discounted radio advertising.

We will be helping retailers in Liskeard market and promote themselves to the local customers, whilst all the time keeping the high street buzzing.

What’s in it for customers?

The Good2BLocal scheme allows you as a customer to benefit from a huge range of the special offers, discounts and loyalty rewards from all your local shops, bars, restaurants and pubs … keeping the high street buzzing and helping you ‘feel good to be local’.

To join the scheme you simply need to download the free Good2BLocal App to your Smartphone and browse for the offers and rewards near you. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a Smartphone as we will also be advertising the offers in your local paper, so no one misses out.

What’s in for retailers?

Our aim is to provide you, the independent retailer, with a wide range of marketing tools to allow you to compete with the big chains and supermarkets. We provide you with the means to advertise special offers and events, all via a Smartphone App and email service as well as access to free newspaper adverts and discounted radio advertising if you wish.











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Information incorrect? Contact Vicky on 01579 349148 or email: tourism@liskeard.gov.uk