Liskeard parking scheme. It’s a ‘Yes’ from everyone.

May 21, 2015  -  Your Liskeard

The Liskeard Parking Survey that closed last month shows a resounding vote in favour of the scheme continuing.

Yes from Business
We asked businesses how likely they were to be part of it in the coming year, and over 80% said ‘Yes’. Two-thirds felt that taking part on the scheme generated goodwill for themselves and the town, but many also thought that the scheme needed more publicity.

Yes from the Town Centre Partnership
The TCP looked at these results at its monthly board meeting on Monday last, and agreed that it too would continue supporting the scheme.

Yes from Cornwall Council
Cornwall Council have today (20 May) awarded the Town Centre Partnership a Community Chest grant of £600 to cover the costs of purchasing and installing new sign boards in the car parks, as well as the production of new marketing materials. We are grateful to Liskeard Councillors Sally Hawken, Roger Holmes and Michael George for their continuing support of our work.

Taking on board the survey results, Chair of the TCP David Orr said ‘It’s a great vote of confidence in the town to see such a high number of businesses wanting to carry on with the vouchers. We’ll play our part by continuing to market and promote the scheme, and encouraging more traders to get involved’.

To give the scheme more publicity, we’ll be:
1. Installing a permanent extra plate on the parking signage that is located by every parking ticket machine. This will really get our message over at the time the shopper arrives in the car park.

2. Parking machines are being reprogrammed to print out a separate voucher that will be handed over to you. We don’t have to rely on the shopper turning over the ticket to read what the deal is.

3. Reprinting window stickers and flyers to replace any that are fading.

4. Designing an additional sticker that can be displayed adjacent to your till for extra customer impact.

5. Producing a set of FAQs for you to locate by your till with the key points about the scheme. Handy to include in any staff training or for informing new staff.

6. Individual shop and business listings on the Your Liskeard website will include the logo.

7. Visitors to Your Liskeard and Visit Liskeard will see a pop-up advertisement promoting the scheme.

8. Groups that organise events taking place in the town centre when parking charges apply will be encouraged to display the schemes logo.

9. There will be an information pack available for all new businesses opening or relocating in the town that sets out the benefits of the scheme, and a new drive to recruit more shops into it.

10. All shops and businesses will receive regular feedback from the TCP on uptake of the scheme. This will be included in our new monthly Business First business bulletin that is launching next week.

11. And finally, we’re changing the name slightly. Instead of being called the ‘Liskeard Parking Refund Scheme’, it will be known as ‘Liskeard Parking Cashback’. The logo will look the same, but we believe this shorter, simpler and more direct name will communicate what the scheme is more effectively.

We’ll start rolling out these changes over the coming weeks. Contact the Town Centre Co-ordinator if you have any questions.