Discover Liskeard’s History With These 6 Great Books

March 6, 2014  -  Your Liskeard

If you’ve ever scratched the surface of Liskeard’s history, you’ll know that it’s a treasure trove of interesting people and happenings. Over the centuries there have been plenty of stories to tell. From Kings and castles to mining, workhouses and people’s heroes, Liskeard has certainly never been short on history and heritage. This is our […]


A Grizzly Tale From Liskeard in the 1800s

  -  Your Liskeard

Here’s a story that’s BEAR-ly believable. In the early 1800s there was a lodging house at the bottom of Higher Lux Street. Owned by a man named Bat Rowe, it offered a place to rest for travelling workers. On one occasion two Frenchmen stayed there overnight along with their performing bear. Clearly health and safety […]