10 Curious Facts About Liskeard

April 12, 2014  -  Your Liskeard

We’ve uncovered 10 facts about Liskeard that you might not know, but definitely should! So read on and you might discover something new about our curiously Cornish town… 1) The Cornish name for Liskeard is Lyskerrys. If we translate the Cornish, the first part could refer to a court, administrative centre or even a ruin. […]


A Crash Course in Speaking Cornish

April 11, 2014  -  Your Liskeard

The Cornish language has seen a revival in recent years, and around 2000 people across the county are now able to speak a little bit. Here’s our quick guide to some useful Cornish phrases… Hello Dydh da! How are you? Fatla genes? I am well, thank you. Yn poynt da, meur ras. What is your […]